Turning Point

A genuinely unique skill-based puzzler, accompanied by soothing guitar.



Haven't you always wanted to turn a line about a point? And if not, what's wrong with you? Turning Point is none, one, some or all of the following:

Turning Point is one of those games where a simple concept turns out to have a surprising number of intriguing consequences. There are over 50 challenges to complete, and over 20 things to collect for additional challenge. Turning Point has an open structure, so if you're stumped by a challenge you can try elsewhere and return to the challenge that was stumping you at a later time. Also, and this is of the utmost importance , some bright spark decided to play classical / acoustic guitar for you while you carry out none, one, some or all of the above activities, which means this landmark investigation can be enjoyed even when you're frustrated at not being able to do none, one, some or all of your current preoccupation.